Window 8 Application Development


Windows operating system has evolved over time; it has been a painfully long one though. The software giant Microsoft has had to struggle and pull its way through to be friendly with desktop centric operating systems on the lines of small screens. Now with the advent of windows 8, there is a system which we can safely play with, thanks to the flexibility and speed. The app store is yet to blossom, on the lines of Google and Apple, however the progress is being made well with over a million and a half apps doing its rounds, and more.

Why windows8 mobile app development?

  • 1.  The main reason for its existence is to help move the large dream to the mobile platform, since it is essential a mobile platform
  • 2.  There are other platforms that look at taking tablets and converting them into smartphones, whereas windows8 goes miles ahead, turning a desktop into a walking computer tab
  • 3.  The demand is high since windows8 mobile apps would now focus more on the live system tiles and apps, than anything else.
  • 4.  Website usage would be million times more
  • 5.  Demand and supply justified

Helps with marketing and promotional activities too

  • 1.  With windows8, the computer screen would be transformed to suit the looks of a mobile
  • 2.  An app for the mobile would be developed by Betasoftmarketing so that relevancy is kept in mind and competition is taken care of
  • 3.  Betasoftmarketing takes all considerations with high regards to develop apps for windows8 which would be unique and would draw clients like bees to honey in all stages of engagement. Right from information handling to buying and also reordering, supporting and servicing too
  • 4.  Windows8 mobile apps are reinvented time and again, thanks to the advancement of technology which the team at Betasoftmarketing fully understands.
  • 5.  Windows8 mobile apps are created with the competition being kept in mind, now imagine what your website can earn for you when viewed through desktops and smartphones.
  • Benefits

    It is the future which everyone needs to start dwelling in, since Betasoftmarketing would come out with all purpose and generalized or customised and tailor made solutions for windows8 mobile apps.

    Why Us?

    Betasoftmarketing boasts of the best hands and minds, experienced and one of a kind in its kitty. Our team very well knows how important it is for businesses to have web and mobile presence in this day



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