Graphic Design


When you want to sell or make an announcement, persuade or even amuse the masses, demonstrate ability or explain something complex, Betasoftmarketing will help you. Communication is important, and for that one can use many ways, such as;

  • 1. lectronic media
  • 2. Print media
  • 3. Internet
  • 4. Snail mail
  • 5. Create a logo
  • 6. Magazine ad
  • 7. Album cover
  • 8. Computer printouts and more.

The latter is what we call graphic designing, which is the best way to instantly visually communicate with the world and to let them know of your services, products or offerings.

Why graphic designing?

With graphic designers at Betasoftmarketing, one gets their projects drawn, photographed, painted and even computer generated. However, the team also works with letterforms which make up most of the varied typefaces, those that you see in blockbuster movies, menus at eateries, magazines and books or television ads too.

The designers choose and organize all elements of typography and images, they work with white space and help the message get around well too. Graphic designs thus help inform and persuade, organize and stimulate, locate and identify, and even brings in the much needed attention as well. It is a process which is very creative, combing the realms of technology and art to ensure that the message is effectively communicated with the masses.

Four important methods used

  • Image-based design
  • Type-based design
  • Image and type
  • Symbols, logos and logotypes

One needs to understand that the logo for a business speaks high about the company’s work culture and ethics. It is infact the signature of a company to be used, and thus they need to be highly condensed as information givers or as identifiers which are specially created to help locate the company’s offerings and services.

With logotypes in place, the corporate is better identified in the market, especially when a certain typographical word or treatment is done. There are hybrid identifiers and combos used as well, along with logotype and symbols, some of which Betasoftmarketing teams work very well with.



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