Viral Marketing


There is a virus out there and it has taken over the business world like never before. The epidemic is on the run and it’s making money for everyone. Money? How can a virus make money? Well let’s take a look at how Betasoftmarketing can help your company by using viral means and ways, marketing needs to be infected or else the antidotes wont work, which is what our team back home understands very well.

What is viral marketing?

  • 1.  A means to motivate others or customers to pass on the message which is formed for marketing to others around
  • 2.  Helps create potential growth with the passing around of the message
  • 3.  Influences customers and clients alike
  • 4.  Rapid multiplication of the message achieved in no time, just as a virus would do
  • 5.  Stronger web presence online and more exposure leading to high traffic and ROI

One could also call viral marketing as word of mouth or in layman terms, buzz creation through media leveraging and network marketing, OFFLINE. However when it comes to the online world, it is best known as “viral marketing”


A famous example for the same was a popular email site: HOTMAIL. The company gave away free email addresses, free services, tagging was easy and simple, people used it and others got influenced to use it, thanks to the tags of “free” on it. People are influenced and sign up. More sign ups mean more traffic and overtime the circles get wider, and the ripple effects goes across the globe. This in turn would bring you the moolah you need, and Betasoftmarketing has a team of qualified professionals that love playing the viral game.


Excited, aren’t we? Viral marketing has the best marketing strategies in store, such as

  • 1.  Helps your company give out services and products
  • 2.  The transfer from potential client to permanent sale is effortless
  • 3.  Allows for flexibility and scalability
  • 4.  Understands the market mentality, behaviour and motivational needs
  • 5.  Uses all the networks around
  • 6.  Uses all the resources around

To have end to end services on viral marketing, most clients choose Betasoftmarketing and it’s teams for the same. We aren’t here to boast about what we can do for you; our work profile says it all, especially when we have a million clients with satiated feedback coming our way annually. To be a part of the growing happy “viral family”, do let us know at Betasoftmarketing, of how we could help.



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