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In the present day scenario, a website has become highly important to make an online presence. To create a website that brings in high traffic flow is dependent on the themes and templates that would be used.

Hire a company of experts

You may choose to hire a person to do your website, either by outsourcing it to Betasoftmarketing, depending on your budget or choose to do it yourself. Whatever maybe the option you choose; the theme must clearly define the mission of the company. Once this is decided, you have to figure out the templates that need to go into the website.

The Theme This would define what the website stands for and the templates would help in bringing the theme to existence. Themes should be uniform throughout the website and reflect the purpose of the site. It must be such that it ties together both, the design elements and the content of the website and must be able to convey the message of the company in the very first instance. The look and feel of the website should be consistent throughout the website.

The Title A title is the introduction of the website to its visitors. The website theme developer also relies on the title, which best expresses what the website is about. The title must give the visitor an idea of what you would like to convey in a very precise manner. While deciding a title that is many factors to be considered such as;

  • The aim of the website
  • Who would be the target audience
  • Would it be just informational
  • Would it be a platform to sell a product or service, etc.

After deciding the title, every single step taken towards designing the website must be in relevance to the title.

Logo creation

A well defined and designed logo helps to market and promote a website, as it would be the most commonly identified symbol associated with the website. While choosing colour combinations, you must match the same with the idea behind your website. All buttons, graphics, images, content on the website must follow a common colour scheme that would hold all of them together.

Role of templates

  • Templates help to plug in information in places that have been formatted to hold content.
  • Templates are used to display all the information available on the website. Templates can be downloaded from various sites.

Why us?

There are free templates available online to choose and use, however if you have outsourced the process, you can get customised templates done by Betasoftmarketing for added punch and impact. Speak to one of our managers at Betasoftmarketing today, and let us show you magic.



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