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If you have an online store which boasts of an auction page and even if you desire to have an auction website, solely dedicated as a website for the purpose, Betasoftmarketing will help you manifest that dream too. There are services by our team which works on state of the art and very functional, yet user friendly to tailor all needs. These are services that are meant to design and carry out tasks especially for auction purposes.

Betasoftmarketing specialises in creating auction pages of high end and quality, using the best and the most wanted auction software, RAINWORX. The team of men and women working on such tailor made needs of our clients have immense experience and expertise with plenty of sound knowledge for the same, and they know the ins and outs of the auction software, like a pro would their finger tips. This thus allows you to take full control of the software in the days to come, making use of the editing codes when creating more bespoke solutions.


  • a. The world calls it unique and it has features for essential ecommerce needs which can be tailored or configured to meet your business requirements.
  • 1.Rainworx is a software which gives clients solutions that are comprehensive for online auction pages
  • 2.One can work in single or multiple seller modes too
  • 3.Get your products listed
  • 4. Create sales invoices
  • 5.Sales tax deductions
  • 6.Multiple payment gateways
  • 7. Various payment modes and shipping options
  • 8.Inbuilt SEO options and features
  • 9.High traffic and ROI guaranteed

We at Betasoftmarketing work on various auction options for your page, such as;

  • 1.Rreverse auctions
  • 2. Dutch auctions
  • 3.Classifieds
  • 4. Trades
  • 5. Fixed price and more

The Betasoftmarketing team is well versed with languages, such as

  • a. Microsoft WCF
  • b. Microsoft MVC
  • c. Microsoft Azure
  • d. jQuery
  • e. SQL Server
  • f. AJAX
  • g. JSON to name a few

Apart from the development and customization of Rainworx, Betasoftmarketing also would care for the maintenance aspect. The auction site needs to be enabled and user friendly as a source, and to have such needs fulfilled, we invite you to have a talk with one of our project managers, contact here.

Why us?

Betasoftmarketing undoubtedly brings to its clients solutions that are tailor made and one of a kind. We work with two types of Rainworx products, namely auctionworx and rwauction pro. Both products are one of a king with an edge over the rest on an individual basis.



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