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Betasoftmarketing helps many businesses make a top notch mark in the online business world, and one of them is by using the right methodologies of PRESS RELEASE SERVICES. This helps clients attain publicity across the World Wide Web in the shortest amount of time, across search engines, websites and blogs, as easy as 1, 2, and 3. We ensure that the news to be put forth is formatted, compelling and made sensational to grab the eyeballs of the many who read.

All you have to do is;

  • 1.  Get an announcement written about your work or event. You dont have to be a pro at this, ask our team for tips and we will help with samples and tutorials to get you going
  • 2.  Betasoftmarketing has packages for every press release service you need, and we add videos to the release too, which would help with better optimisation services.
  • 3.  The right phraseology and keywords relevant to your press release would be used, and you get to choose the distribution methods too
  • 4.  Betasoftmarketing would also help you with tailor made templates to use on your PR. You dont have to format and code anything post that, we do it all for you.
  • 5.  SUBMIT, that is all you need to do
    • Benefits

      • 1.  Very simple to understand and use, the templates we would provide are intuitive, so whatever you see, is what we give you. In addition to that, we are there at every step to instruct, help and guide for you to have the best headlines, text length, video linking and everything else.
      • 2.  Visibility is important, and you can trust the team at Betasoftmarketing to make your site rise way above the realms of mediocre when the PR is released. We at Betasoftmarketing would optimise your news for the world to hear, read and experience
      • 3. Unique urls make more readers check what the PR has to say, and this would set your venture apart from the rest of the clan
      • 4.  We ensure that interaction with the customers out there you serve is always on the top.
      • 5.  Distribution channels to buyers, journalists and bloggers would be of repute and high esteem, and we will show you where exactly your PR goes.

    Why us?

    Local and international distribution channels are who we interact and network with. We would align your PR with the best of all industries, relevant to your genre and domain, which assures more visibility, exposure and business. The news would be sent out to industry specific channels and hence bringing in the willing and waiting customers your business rightfully deserves. Betasoftmarketing makes your PR viral, which means more and more high quality traffic for you



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