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Betasoftmarketing understands the importance of having an efficient mobile event website, since almost everyone these days has a tablet or a smartphone for communication and browsing needs. It is the capacitive touch sensitive screen of the device which houses all interactions done by the fingers of the user.

In the recent past and thanks to the evolution of the mobile web, sophisticated apps spanning a plethora of demands and needs have made their presence and visibility. Therefore, developers now have to find a way to handle such events. Take for example, those who love fast paced race games, players would need to use multiple buttons in one shot; hence developers need to focus on the client’s website for the mobile, which means bringing in multi-touch features.

Touché Touch

Everyone wants to have apps that work fast and in a very efficient manner. Hence, developers at Betasoftmarketing dwell on creating apps that would perform the following action to enhance the use of mobile event websites, namely;

  •  Touchstart
  •  Touchmove
  •   Touchend

The mobile events thus would be featured with rich functions that would help support touch based interactions on a virtual basis and of any kind that too. This would include rotation and pinch-zoom gestures too, for multi-touch needs.

This was just an example of what Betasoftmarketing can do, and with regard to the gaming websites we have catered to in the past. When it comes to mobile development, the team looks at giving birth to prototypes on a desktop and then goes ahead understanding how to tackle “mobile specifics” on any of the smartphones or tablets you intend to lend support.

Multi-touch for example is a feature where testing on the personal computer at work wouldn’t be easy to do, since the absence of the touch input is noticed. The turn around time thus would be more, since now the whole app needs to be shifted to a mobile device. Moreover, every time a change is made, the server needs to be informed and then the device is loaded. When it does run finally, you notice bugs for which the app needs to be debugged to ensure smooth and flawless performance of the application.

Betasoftmarketing has solutions to all of these issues, and if you too would want to have simulating touch events on the machine used for development, right from single to multi-touches, using a mouse that too, get in touch with us, and our project manager would be happy to advise and help.



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