Magento Customization


At Betasoftmarketing we leave no stone unturned to satiate your business needs. In this day, Magento has taken the IT world by it’s horns. It is an ecommerce platform which has helped merchants attain a level of sophistication to help manage marketing and sales online, with total control and flexibility. This is why our team has been pronounced as one of the best all across the universe, thanks to the expertise and experience our men and women display. Our offerings include the likes of;

  • 1.  Magento Development
  • 2.  E-Commerce Store Development
  • 3.  Designing Shopping Cart with CMS
  • 4.  Designing Custom Landing Page
  • 5.  Call out Graphics
  • 6.  Photo Editing
  • 7.  Buttons
  • 8.  Widgets
  • 9.  Magento SEO
  • 10.  Magento maintenance and more

Why Magento?

  • 1.  Customization options are one of a kind and exceptional for ecommerce solutions
  • 2.  Buisness requirements met on an individual and specific basis
  • 3.  Efficiently designed templates for online stores in sync with the Magento platform
  • 4.  Cost effective SEO options
  • 5.  Outstanding and ahead of competition
  • 6.  Web 2.0 principles followed
  • 7.  Dynamic ecommerce pages
  • 8.  Minimal margin of errors
  • 9.  Magento themes customized
  • 10.  Layouts, images, blocks, templates, javascript and CSS used

Why customise Magento?

There are many benefits when we talk of Magento customisation. For example, as a merchant, you would have total and advanced controls in your hands now, managing your online stores. Even if you have multiple panels for admins, the visual appeal wouldn’t take a beating with Magento used; in fact it would be enhanced. Even the services and products would be showcased well, and gaining feedback from customers on a real time basis would be easy too. In short, Magento customisations bring in the moolah your business so rightly deserves.

Why us?

With experience and expertise, our teams can deliver the right customized Magento services, proficient modules, functionality and features of Magento in many ways, the best you could ever imagine. From corporate houses to individual websites, our team has worked with a diverse range of clients and has left behind a positive impression too. Right from PSD to Magento conversion to Magento integration and pixel precise designs, our team does it all.



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