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with iPhones and iPads growing fast and taking over the globe in more ways than one, the development for the same needs to be mobile and soon. The bandwagon now has iPad on its back, because of the multimedia features and portability it gives out. With a development pro such as Betasoftmarketing, you now are assured of strength and total advantage over what your rival developers can do or give out to the world. Reliability and trust is what clients across the globe have when they work along with us, since we know how important it is to provide solutions for iPhone and IPod touch. The benefits thus reaped would be strong, so much so that the apps given by us are sure shot ways on bringing in more to the table.

Betasoftmarketing helps clients with strong app development for Apple’s iPad. We help furnish the iPad’s power and use the simulator which helps in building apps that help modify the OS solutions. The development of apps for Apple iPad is similar to that of the apps for iPhone; however the difference noticed would be that of the users experience or the end users satiation of needs. With iPads, there would be more to use since it enhances every working environment aspect needed by individuals. The app can be used for;

  • a.  Business
  • b.  Entertainment
  • c.  Games
  • d.  Web
  • e.  Email
  • f.  Connectivity
  • g.  eBooks
  • h.  publishing
  • i.  videos and more

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Betasoftmarketing has a team of highly experienced app developers that use most iPhone apps and transfer them to iPad platforms, seamlessly. The integration has been successful and has also created a revolution of sorts, with special tools for developmental needs, methods for the same and plenty of state of the art kits in use for churning out high end apps, right from touch devices to MAC products.

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Betasoftmarketing helps with, customized iPad, Apple iPad, iPad tablets, iPhones, iPod and Mac applications and development, on an international standardized mode. We understand how important it is for your company to engage in achievable milestones. With total dedication and high flexibility levels, we adhere to industry standards and keep everyone in the loop while delivering top notch products and services. To know more on what we can do for you, please do get in touch with Betasoftmarketing, and a project manager would be happy to meet and greet.












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