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Facebook apps do not require an introduction. With social networking booming at high rate, businesses large and small have taken to facebook to market their company.

  • 1.Facebook app development is a great phenomenon that is gradually drawing the attention of businesses and individuals alike.
  • 2. Facebook application development helps to develop user-centred applications that allow users to interact much freely with a company or individual.
  • 3. The app helps in engaging users and also increases traffic to website and hikes up revenues for the company.

Benefits of using an Amazon Webstore

A good facebook app may be able to alter perception about the company. Businesses can expect an increase in its customers base from the app. The highly acclaimed social networking site is used by millions and that is why it is a great opportunity to market themselves to capitalise this market.

As mentioned earlier, apps help to engage customers in interacting with the company. Hence, it helps to gain loyalty towards the company from the customers. Also the behaviour of few customers can be analysed, by which the company can come up with new products or services to appeal to the same.

Designing a facebook app is not as easy as designing any other app. Number of factors play a role in it, like the ones stated below:

  • 1. The app must not violate facebook’s ever changing legal and policy positions
  • 1. Should be able to easily adopt facebook’s unpredictable changes in user interface
  • 1.Facebook’s goals should not be fouled by the business model
  • 1. The app must adjust to the continuous tweaks of EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm. EdgeRank decides which posts and apps are to appear on newsfeeds
  • 1. Features like OpenGraph should be used

Why us?

It is always ideal to hire an expert in the cases of facebook app development in order to make optimum use of the app. Betasoftmarketing would be able to assist a business in making apps suiting to the requirements of the company, keeping in mind the intentions and goals of the business. Our prime job is to create an app suited for the company, and we would take time to learn more about the company and create an app that is bug free and unique. To know more on how we can help, the packages, services and what our clients have to say about us, please do get in touch with our project managers any time round the clock.



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