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Betasoftmarketing is of the opinion and firmly believes that when an interface has been revamped entirely, the daily tasks of finding information and carrying out duties gets easier. For content editors and site builders, Drupal 7 is thus the best option to work with, since there are improvisations, state of the art and user-friendly to choose from.


  • 1.  Highly flexible is Drupal, where one now can have their own content and itís structure defined. Builders can now add customised fields to the varied content they put in, and the same can be done for comments, users and other fields too.
  • 2.  Scalability with Drupal is high as well, and Betasoftmarketing brings to you a website which is responsive, CSS optimized, fast and with JavaScript improvisations.
  • 3.  Drupal 7 is an open source platform; it is for the community and would stay right there. This is why many site builders and companies use Drupal 7 for various distributions, themes and modules
  • 4.  Powerful and very friendly, Drupal 7 takes the cake when you need help on managing content or building a website, blog, micro-site and more.
  • 5.  User friendly is what Drupal 7 boasts about, and with content flexibility the custom fields are well defined across varied content types, comments, users and entities of a varied kind. Remote storage can be used or NOSQL and SQL as well
  • 6.  The theming concept with Drupal 7 is one of a kind or the best, since it allows the client to showcase what they want the screens to show, thanks to the RENDER API.
  • 7.  Drupal 7 is easily accessible and thanks to the front-end improvements, it is now easier for the client to create websites that are highly accessible and easier to build.
  • 8.  Files and images can be added to the content with ease; itís all in-built thanks to Drupal 7. Clients have now have varied versions meant for previews, thumbnails, private file handling and more.
  • 9.  There are plenty of built-in tests which allow integration testing to happen at its best. Our team knows all about the core patches by Drupal 7 and the modules too.
  • 10.  Database support has been improved upon, and distribution support is now at its best.

To know more about why Drupal 7 can help you or how it can make website building or re-building easier for you, do get in touch with our project managers at Betasoftmarketing.



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