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CMS is an open source web technology, just like MySQL and PHP. The concept is used widely in web applications of varied kinds. Take a look online, and most of them are done up with MySQL and PHP. The robustness and security features in them along with low costs brought about by open source platforms have been the reasons why such web development tools are being used by designers and developers alike.

About CMS Customization

Customisation of CMS is on a high these days, since it helps set up a site without hassles and with fast turn around times too. The demand for the same is very high, and there are top notch companies and businesses online that have their own open source platforms they use. Some of the examples we can talk about are;

  •   WordPress
  •   Joomla
  •   Drupal
  •   OS Commerce
  •   Magento
  •   Zen Cart
  •   PHPNuke to name a few

Take a look at these examples, all of which allow CMS customisations and are born from the wombs of MySQL for database creation and PHP for user interface creation. With CMS customisations, websites are launched in a jiffy


It isnít tough to find reputed companies offering CMS Customisations these days. Those interested can always contact Betasoftmarketing and our team would work on the preferences as stated by the client. The team is well-informed and updated on latest CMS customisation methods, advanced dictates and all clients needs as well. One doesnít need to be a genius of a tech wizard to understand it all, with regard to customizing CMS. Hence, if you seek expert advise, consultation and services, Betasoftmarketing will be there for you.

Understanding the importance of CMS Customisation

CMS has helped many businesses reach its pinnacle of success. Right from helping individuals launch their own blogs, companies and large scale ventures, to using WORDPRESS as the best option with high end robustness and functionalities, a class apart.

In this day and age, Betasoftmarketing helps out with businesses that dwell on ecommerce. Our team has been the backbone for many online stores that use Magento, OSCommerce and ZenCart for examples. The integration of CMS and the development of websites through such concepts is what makes our projects the best amongst the rest. To have your own website built through experts hands and skills, which includes

At Betasoftmarketing we donít look just at working for you, we go beyond that with PHP website development needs, and we assure at all steps;

  • I. Drupal
  • II. Joomla
  • III. Wordpress
  • Iv.DotNetNuke do contact us today and a project manager at Betasoftmarketing would be happy to guide.

We donít just build a website for you; we promote and stand by your visions of marketing and sales.



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