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We too are users of the web and thus at Betasoftmarketing an understanding on having the best bespoke website development is prevalent. Our team specialises in delivering solutions that are state of the art and affordable, right across any business domain, size, type or nature. The range of bespoke web designs we provide are best for those who have or even dont have strong web presence.

If you do not have a website

There are many business owners who still do not have a website online. It is important for them to understand the importance of bespoke website development, and how it an take their venture up a notch and more. For example, with bespoke services from Betasoftmarketing, clients now would have;

  • 1. Domain names
  • 2. Hosting services
  • 3.  A brand new website design
  • 4. In-built web designs and services
  • 5. Live and Running websites

If you do have a website

For clients with a web presence online and yet would need someone to help with re-building, Betasoftmarketing is the best business friend, waiting for your call. To have the best website control, a CMS or a content management system needs to be re-built and put in place. What we can do for your existing site is;

  • 1. Re-build the CMS or the content management system
  • 2.  Give you total access and control of the website
  • 3.  Put in add-ons and extras
  • 4.  Blog for you
  • 5.  Set up merchant accounts
  • 6. Set up online shops, ecommerce
  • 7. Help with newsletters and press releases
  • 8.  Individualised and tailor made solutions
  • 9. Guidance and advice on setting up the site
  • 10. Round the clock support for the best ratings and rankings
  • 11.  Strong web presence across all search engines of repute

Why Bespoke

A website is very important to have for any business these days. This is how ventures taste the sweet nectar of success. Starting from a single page, we then get all the way into the site and make things happen for our clients. Remember, we too are web users and hate it when there are websites that take time to load, throw a fuss or just dont give us what we want. Our aim therefore is to have attractive and very clear designs, those that are user friendly. Attention to detail and quality would always be a priority, and we interact with our clients on every step, so that the life-cycle of the project is kept open and transparent, should the client decide on any changes thereof.

Betasoftmarketing offers the following

  • 1. Project Management System
  • 2. Content Management System
  • 3.  E-Learning Software Solutions
  • 4. Online Shipment Management System
  • 5.  Bulk Mailing Software Application
  • 6.  Payroll Processing and Management Solution
  • 7. Web-Based Accounting System
  • 8.  Travel Management Software

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