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If you are looking at taking big steps and giant strides in the world of Information Technology, Betasoftmarketing has a solution which surpasses all expectations. Say hello to ASP.NET website development, a new age concept of sorts with plenty of advantages over what itís counterparts can safely offer.

What is ASP?

Active Server Pages also known as ASP is the brainchild of Microsoft which helps website developers churn out web pages that are dynamic, interesting and one of a kind. It also works well when creating web applications too. ASP is very well an important aspect of the .NET FRAMEWORK as well, a tool which is very important for those working with software programming. It is exactly this which helps websites come into the online world with utmost richness and finesse.

Dot NET isnít only for ASP per se, other languages doing the rounds can use it for various needs, and by languages we mean;

  •  J#
  •   VB
  •   C# to name a few

In the past, content on any web page was static, which means it had to be modified and re-modified manually. However, over time and in this day and age, because of the dynamism of web pages, content now gets updated on an automatic basis. This thus makes the page rich and beautiful in its own ways.

Benefits of using ASP.NET

  • The overall lines of code are reduced and large applications can now be developed easily
  • Windows authentication is supported by ASP.NET
  • Applications are safe and secured
  • HTML and ASP.NET get along like a house on fire and you get web pages that are dynamic
  • When creating web pages you would like as a developer to have language independent concepts for help, ASP.NET is a framework which allows that
  • Deploying the tool is easy since it has an abundance of data configured
  • With ASP.NET, there are more applications which can be taken care of and handled.
  • Saves you loads of money and energy while creating websites

Betasoftmarketing boasts of the best skilled talent across the nation and thatís why clients from all across the globe work with us for the outstanding deliverables we give. The team of men and women working on ASP.NET website building is loyal, dedicated, well-trained and kept up to date with the latest. To have one of our project managers on ASP.NET framework and website building talk to you, please do get in touch.



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