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Betasoftmarketing admires the child of Google, the esteemed android. Everyone knows how useful it is as an open source, which has features that allows enough room for creativity and innovation. The world swears by its popularity and the OS platform it allows developers to play with is famous across the planet.

What is ASP?

In the world of mobiles, the android has made its name because of the app developments it allows. The revolution has only begun and ever since the android came around, companies have banked on it like manna from the heavens above. Across the world, the development of android has been high, especially because of the large number of features which make it best for apps that are high end, where something outstanding and top notch can be created for all domains and genres.

The OS from android they say is best because of;

  • aComprehensive libraries
  • b Graphics, both 2D and 3D
  • c Enhanced video camera
  • d Enhanced touch screen
  • e GPS
  • f P2P using Google Talk
  • g Libraries that house video and audio files
  • h Inter-process communication (IPC) and more


In the past, content on any web page was static, which means it had to be modified and re-modified manually. However, over time and in this day and age, because of the dynamism of web pages, content now gets updated on an automatic basis. This thus makes the page rich and beautiful in its own ways.

Benefits of using ASP.NET

  • 1 As mentioned, the android is an open source based on Linux which is easily accessed by developers. Here, one can modify the existing codes and make fresh new ones that allow novel app developments. Right from starting the code development to changing its entire presentation and the feel of the app, the Betasoftmarketing experts do it all as per your needs.
  • 2 Betasoftmarketing takes advantage of the varied features of SDK androids so that apps of uniqueness are formed, tested and errors removed post completion of testing and cross checking.
  • Flexibility for the same is what Betasoftmarketing allows for, and on the lines of the nature of an android platform. Third party apps can be accommodated to enhance functionality too.
  • 4 Cost effectiveness assured when Betasoftmarketing puts in its mind and hands, and we assure no licensing fees too. You can add more apps of the new and novel kinds, and make things cost effective

Why Us?

The future for android app development is very high and there are more than five million apps one can play or work with on Google Play. Hence the competency and compatibility levels one gets to see in the mobile app development world is high.

For impeccable end to end solutions on android app development, get in touch with the project managers of Betasoftmarketing. The rest would be taken care of by us



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