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Betasoftmarketing believes in giving clients the power to manage it all. Keeping that in mind, what if our team gave you the best all in one feature in the form of a Webstore, with a reputed name backing? This would only add high credibility, making your store online the most trusted isn’t it? Hence, take a look at the esteemed Amazon Webstore.

Amazon Webstore?

Just the name is enough, and who doesn’t know what Amazon is all about!! When you think of an all in one store online, one that has all the features and more of an ecommerce platform, it is undoubtedly Amazon. Amazon as a Webstore allows you to go ahead and create an awesome web store online, which rakes in only profits. To go deep into the concept, think about the following;

  • a. Intuitive
  • b. Self service toolset
  • c. Easy, user friendly, rapid
  • d. Allows management of your own
  • f. Flexible and controlled
  • g. Amazing customer experience
  • h. Amazon infra for back up
  • i. Stand alone assurance
  • j.Tap the Amazon market
  • k. Experience and expertise given
  • l. Long term success assured

Benefits of using an Amazon Webstore

  • 1. If you want security, the Amazon Webstore is the gladiator in the market online, which keeps your venture safe from scams and frauds.
  • 2.  Scalable by nature, the Webstore by Amazon is cloud hosted, and at no added costs you get your information which helps your business grow
  • 3.  The Webstore is very reliable, customers are happy since their expectations are exceeded, and your company online gives out high reliable services and information, which customers bank upon
  • 4.  Using the Webstore online, you can have customized and branded ecommerce ventures using the giants technology
  • 5.  One doesn’t need constant IT support and help to maintain the store online, however if you do wish
  • Betasoftmarketing to help with that, we are at your service 24*7*365
  • 6.  The interface can be used for sales and marketing, and promoting the website you have
  • 7.  Free merchant accounts
  • 8.  Free SEO help which has an engine that is inbuilt
  • 9.  Use the best upselling tactics given out by the cart, or the mini cart if you please and get it all personalized and tailored to suit your venture.

Why us?

To know more about how an Amazon Webstore can make your business reach its pinnacle of success today, do get in touch with one of our project managers at Betasoftmarketing. We are here to advise, guide, and consult with you round the clock.



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